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2023 Q1 - The Ramp Up

DevResults started 2022 focused on supporting our partners, protecting their data, increasing our technical investments, and building useful and impactful features. But the sophomore year of COVID-19 came with new challenges and opportunities for growth. At the top of this year, we reflected on our successes and learning edges: systemizing what worked and ideating on how we could improve. With the end of Q1 approaching, we’d like to share some of our past accomplishments and focal points for the future.

The forecast for 2023

This quarter we’re on track with building new features and making technical investments. Check out our new Enterprise Hub or customized color palette feature that we’ve recently released. We’re flush with new projects and strategies and have been doing the foundational work to meet and exceed the needs of partners and project implementers.

Things you may have missed in 2022:


  • Power BI Connector: We’ve updated our Power BI Connector to support and select multiple data queries, compatible with single-sign-on (SSO) and better inference of data types on import.
  • Transfer and Download Dashboard: All dashboards can be shared between users, localized to a specific user, or downloaded as a picture to be placed in a document!

Functional design

  • Bulk Imports: There's now a one-stop shop for all the template/import options for adding program information throughout DevResults.
  • Targets Import: Previously, each target needed to be added online. You can now bulk import global and activity targets!
  • Adding Disaggregates During Data Table Imports: Instead of adding new disaggregates in a separate location, we’ve streamlined the process. Disaggregates can now be created, or existing categories updated, when data tables are imported.

Data management and visualization

The best is yet to come

At the beginning of this year, our company combined all the lessons learned and points of self-evaluation from the previous year. We took a step back and discussed how we could engage with you more, what you’ve communicated as a need but are still missing, and more importantly, how we can contribute to bridging that gap.

These considerations influence our approach to communication and product design. Our new communication plan focuses on increasing our level of engagement with you and creating more channels for feedback. We’ll create, share, and promote more content that speaks to your needs. Our software will continue to center around the user experience.

The international development sector is built on the collective efforts of all. “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” – Helen Keller. Our vision as a company is to do good - good to one another, good for our users, good for the world. Our main avenue to meet this goal is through data democratization, using communication, technology, and cross-sectoral collaboration. We’re excited and motivated to share our thoughts and experiences, but more importantly, to hear from you. So join us, if you haven’t, either through LinkedIn or following us on Twitter.