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A better way to help you

At DevResults, we are committed to providing you with the best possible tool. It has to be fast, accurate and easy to use. But just like international development, this is an ongoing improvement process. When something isn't working, we want to know as quickly as possible so we can fix it.

Why we needed a new tool

We want to make getting help with DevResults as easy and friction-less as possible, so that you can focus on your work and not on the tools.

While we're always available via email at, we wanted a new solution that would both

  • minimize the effort required from you
  • allow you to indicate precisely where you are in the app
  • seamlessly provide us with diagnostic information (like what browser you're using) so we don't have to bother you with those kinds of questions.

Introducing the "Something's Wrong" button

On the upper right corner of any page, where your picture is, you have a drop-down menu. Whenever something unexpected happens, or things don't seem to be working properly, or you just need help understanding how things work, you can just open this menu and choose "Something’s Wrong."

You'll see this dialog:

Fill in the description, click Send and you’re done.

If it helps, you can also attach files that will give us more context - screenshots, spreadsheets, etc.

Why to use it

You can use the support tool any time you need help.

It could be a bug, a piece of data you can’t find, something you don’t know how to do, or just a suggestion for improvement.

You can still always use email to contact us, but this new tool has several advantages over email, both for you and for us:

1 It provides us with more data

Your support request automatically includes the URL of the page you are on, your identity on the site, and additional debugging information for our team. This allows us to reproduce issues more easily, and reduces the need to go back and forth asking you for this information.

2 Your request gets a unique identifier

All support requests are logged and are automatically assigned an identifier, making it easier for us to keep track of the whole conversation and keep you updated when issues are resolved.

4 It preserves your work flow

You don’t need to leave the page you are working on and switch to a different tab or application. Once the message is sent, the dialog closes and you can continue working instantly.

5 You don’t need to keep track of additional information

Over time, the email addresses we ask people to use for technical support have changed. We currently are asking everyone to write, but in the past we've used other addresses, including individual team members' addresses (which can slow down responses if people are out of the office or working in a different time zone).

With this integrated tool, you can be assured that your request will reach the most appropriate person without you having to think about which address to use.

We're excited to introduce this new tool. Let us know what you think!