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Rename "Activity"

One of DevResults' most anticipated features is finally here. We can now rename the concept of an "activity" to anything you like. Whether you work with projects, programs, grants, offices, operating units, partners, awards, or teams, your DevResults site can reflect the terminology of your organization. Plus, your chosen term will be translated automatically for users who view the platform in another language.

Two caveats:

  1. All help materials and training videos will still use the word "activity". We can't make separate versions of these materials for every organization, so users will need to be aware of that difference.
  2. When we throw the switch, it will only affect the parts of your website that users cannot edit. Any fields that are user-defined will need to be updated by users, like the name of dashboard tiles (e.g. "Activity Map"), or a description of a user permission group (e.g. "Can log into the system to manage activities").

To change the term "activity" on your site, shoot us an email at and we'll make it happen.