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DevResults Data Challenge #1

At the end of 2018, we launched our first of many DevResults Challenges for our users. The challenge was simple: clean up previous reporting periods.

If you missed out on the challenge, don't worry; organizations can work toward this goal at any time. Check out our video for details and tips. Several organizations participated in the challenge, and we're happy to announce the following winners!

These programs and organizations demonstrated excellence in using DevResults for M&E and data management:

  • Chemonics International
  • Build Indonesia to Take Care of Nature for Sustainability - Chemonics International
  • Fiscal Reform for a Strong Tunisia - Chemonics International
  • USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program – Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) - Chemonics International
  • Human Resources for Health (HRH2030) - Chemonics International
  • Lebanon Enterprise Development Project - Chemonics International
  • Human Rights Support Mechanism - Freedom House
  • Life and Change Experienced thru Sports (L.A.C.E.S.)
  • United States Government in Mozambique
  • USAID/Jordan
  • Philippines Cold Chain Project - Winrock International
  • Strengthening Market-led Agricultural Research, Technology, and Education - Winrock International
  • Value Chains in Rural Development - Winrock International

These programs and organizations showed the most improvement within our 60-day challenge:

  • Build Indonesia to Take Care of Nature for Sustainability - Chemonics International
  • Feed the Children
  • Human Rights Support Mechanism - Freedom House

Congrats to everyone! We plan to do more challenges going forward, and we’re excited to see so many organizations rise to the occasion.

Challenges like this are intended not only to help our clients be successful with DevResults, but to more broadly incentivize better data management and use. It's our small contribution to an ongoing effort in the ICT4D community to encourage ourselves and our colleagues to practice better data management with things like competitions, rewards, and positive peer pressure. For our next challenge, we're going to encourage all of our users to clean up duplicates in their activities, indicators, and other components of their M&E systems. Stay tuned!

Got an idea for a challenge?

Is there a KPI that your team tracks internally to assess your use of DevResults or some other software tool? Are you interested in other types of inter-organizational, or intra-organizational, competitions? Send your idea to and it could be part of the next DevResults Challenge!