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New Feature: Help Menu

We're always working to make DevResults easier to understand and use. Last year we released our Something's Wrong tool to make it easier to report bugs or ask questions from within your DevResults site. Now we are proud to unveil our latest tool to help you use DevResults better: the Help Menu. This makes a lot of our help site resources available from within DevResults. The best thing about it? It recommends relevant help pages based on which page in DevResults you're accessing!

Here are all the details:

1 How Do I Access It?

In the upper right corner of the site, look to the left of your profile photo. You'll see a help button there:
Click the button to open the Help Menu:

Note: We've moved "Something's Wrong" into the Help menu and renamed it "Contact Support." Don't be fooled--it's the same support ticket responsiveness you've come to depend on.

2 How Do I Use It?

The Help Menu has four sections:

For this page

Sometimes, finding the answers you need when you need them is hard. This section is designed to do just that: it provides a list of help pages relevant to the DevResults page you're currently on! If you have a question about how to do something on your current page, start with these--they probably have exactly what you need and should save you some time. Any link you click will open in a new tab so you can easily return to your work.

Search help

This search box searches our help site directly and returns a list of relevant pages based on key search terms. If you have a question about anything--even if it's not related to the page you're currently on--use this search to find relevant help articles.

Contact Support & Help site

  • Contact Support will open a pop-up to create a support ticket with us. For those of you who've been using the "Something's Wrong" tool, it is the same thing--we just renamed it to encourage its use for asking questions, making support or custom query requests, etc.
  • If the For this page recommendations and the Search help didn't answer your question, you can click the Help site link to jump directly to our help site and look for resources there.

What's New?

This section shows our two most recent blog posts and provides a link to our blog. That's right--now there's an even easier way for you to come read more from us!

We hope the new Help Menu helps you get the answers you need when you need them, submit support requests, and keep up to date with the latest blog posts. As always, if there's a topic you don't see a help page on, use the Contact Support link to let us know so we can add it. (And we'd like to give a quick shout-out to our knowledge base provider, Knowledge Owl, for having a good API and built-in mechanisms to make the For this page recommendations possible.)

Please email us or leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback on this new feature!