Don't Repeat Yourself, Share Instead

Over the last decade, DevResults has invested time and resources into learning what best practices enable us to be a lean company while still supporting some of the biggest government agencies, implementing partners, and non-profits in the international development and humanitarian sector. Recently, my colleague released a blog post on how we have as a company have created a remote work culture that has been going strong for ten years. »

Building Camaraderie While Working Remotely

We’ve previously mentioned how DevResults has worked from home for over a decade, but we wanted to share some of our secrets for building relationships and staying engaged with little to no in-person interaction. There are lots of fun and interesting ways to cultivate deeper relationships and gain shared understanding with your co-workers, even if you can’t have regular lunches or pizza parties. Here are some of our »

IATI Progress Report

We're actively working to expand our support of the IATI activity standard. We've already enabled IATI exports for the activity data housed in DevResults and this next phase will expand the scope of information you can include. It is our intention to offer complete tools for adding and exporting the following IATI activity elements by July 15th, though you may see some of them go live earlier: recipient-country recipient-region sector »

January 3rd Unscheduled Downtime

For the past couple of days we have been busy proactively migrating our infrastructure to new machines due to a mandatory scheduled maintenance on Microsoft Azure that was rumored to be about the recent security vulnerability affecting microprocessors. We were planning to migrate the production infrastructure this weekend, before the January 9th, 2018 deadline at which Microsoft would automatically perform the maintenance. However, after Google came forward with full details »