Sabbaticals, Projects, and Unexpected Storytelling with Data

Last year, DevResults instituted paid sabbaticals for employees with five years of service in order to expand our collective skills and reward long-term commitment. I was the third person in the company to take advantage of this personal and professional development opportunity and I’d like to share a bit of my experience with you. Motivations There’s always more than one reason to take a sabbatical. In my case, »

A Growing DevResults Family

I just returned from parental leave following the birth of my second daughter. I was able to do so thanks to the generous support of my company, which offers (as a norm, not a limit) 12 weeks paid leave for employees that have a new baby at home or are experiencing some other life change that requires full-time attention. This is in addition to unlimited sick and vacation time, and »

A formula to make compensation fair?

At DevResults, we've come to believe that conventional processes for setting salaries are not only arbitrary, but provide excellent hiding places for bias and prejudice—leading to gender and racial pay gaps. So we've decided to no longer negotiate salaries or raises. Instead, we use a spreadsheet model to calculate everyone's salary, based on their experience, education, and tenure. At our team retreat in February 2019, we decided that we »

Building Camaraderie While Working Remotely

We’ve previously mentioned how DevResults has worked from home for over a decade, but we wanted to share some of our secrets for building relationships and staying engaged with little to no in-person interaction. There are lots of fun and interesting ways to cultivate deeper relationships and gain shared understanding with your co-workers, even if you can’t have regular lunches or pizza parties. Here are some of our »

How DevResults has worked from home for over a decade

In the last ten years, DevResults has given trainings in over 20 countries and has attended conferences worldwide. But most of the time, the entire DevResults team works remotely. With many folks’ travel plans suspended and organizations instituting telework, we want to share the processes and tools we use on a day-to-day basis to maximize the benefits and minimize the downsides of working from home. For all internal meetings, use »

Your professional life goes beyond your full time job

DevResults is a great place to work. We have good pay; vacation and leave policies; the opportunity to work with smart, caring people; flexible hours and remote work; a product that we believe in; and the list goes on. But what if this is not enough? A high percentage of software engineers love contributing to open source software. Many enjoy having side projects where they can use different technologies, participate »

Professional Development at DevResults

DevResults instituted a sabbatical policy earlier this year. We looked into types of sabbaticals across sectors and found a wide variety; for us, an employee earns 12 weeks to focus on professional development for every five years of service. In light of this policy, I’m excited to share that I’ll be attending a programming course from June 24th to October 4th. What this means for you: In the »

Salary Transparency at DevResults

Here at DevResults, we gave ourselves a present for Equal Pay Day - a spreadsheet with every employee’s current salary and pay history, from our newest hires to our founder/CEO. Why salary transparency? We believe in salary fairness. Evidence shows that progress to close the gender pay gap is stagnating, and the gap may even be widening. To address the problem, we need to bring it to light. »