The DevResults Guide to Best-in-Class Trainings

DevResults has been providing engaging, hands-on trainings for seven years. With thoughtful adaptation and continuous innovation, we’ve crafted effective and fun trainings, whether in-person or virtual. Below are our four core pillars of a successful training and how we translate them to an online setting. What are the hallmarks of an excellent training? Trainees learn by doing: Trainees should perform 100% of the skills they’ll need to acquire, »

Why Your Indicators are More Complicated than You Think

A blog post for anyone who writes indicators Contents: Percentages Percent Change Cumulative vs. Incremental Targets Cumulative vs. Incremental Actuals Disaggregation vs. Free Response Cross-Disaggregation vs. Parallel Disaggregation Deduplication Background In seven years as a data scientist at DevResults, I’ve worked with donor agencies, implementing partners, nonprofits, and private companies. I’ve had a front-row seat to M&E planning in the sectors of health and sanitation, education, »

Tracking the global response to Covid-19 using DevResults and IATI

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a global initiative to improve the transparency of development and humanitarian resources and their results to address poverty and crises. Tracking the response to Covid-19 is no exception. Whether you’re required to publish IATI data by your donor or not, doing so is important, as we have learned from previous crises like the Ebola epidemic. Over ten years since its founding, IATI »

Good, Cheap, Fast - Pick Two

By: Chris Gegenheimer (Chemonics) and Leslie Sage (DevResults) Back in September, Chemonics and DevResults spoke at MERL Tech DC about the inherent compromise involved when purchasing enterprise software. In short, if you want good software that does everything you want exactly the way you want it, cheap software that is affordable and sustainable, and fast software that is available immediately and responsive to emerging needs, you may have to relax »