DevResults is on the FedRAMP Marketplace!

What has twenty thumbs and received FedRAMP authorization in the last year? That’s right. It’s DevResults. Our team has worked tirelessly over the last year to undergo rigorous security testing and receive authorization from the U.S. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. After many months of hard work — and with the support of our auditors, our agency colleagues, and the FedRAMP team — DevResults is officially FedRAMP authorized. »

2020 Retrospective

We want to thank all of you for your incredible work throughout the many challenges of 2020. Here at DevResults, we focused on projects both big and small to make data collection, management, visualization, and usage more widely and easily available. To launch 2021, here’s a recap of updates you might have missed. Early last year, we took some time to share our training philosophy--both in-person and remote. We »

The DevResults Guide to Best-in-Class Trainings

DevResults has been providing engaging, hands-on trainings for seven years. With thoughtful adaptation and continuous innovation, we’ve crafted effective and fun trainings, whether in-person or virtual. Below are our four core pillars of a successful training and how we translate them to an online setting. What are the hallmarks of an excellent training? Trainees learn by doing: Trainees should perform 100% of the skills they’ll need to acquire, »

Notifications: Now in an Inbox Near You!

To Do: Celebrate. Due Date: Now. Details: Advanced notifications settings are here. DevResults site owners and administrators can now choose: What actions in each site trigger a notification, Which users receive notifications, and The frequency with which they receive these notifications. How do I use this? As a site administrator, you can now select what actions in your DevResults site warrant in-app or email notifications, including overdue checklist items, new »

Linked Tables 2.0: Now with Indicators

Last year, we began working on a big project to bring you relational data tables. Today, the project is complete. Relational data tables allow you to link one or more tables by information common to both. The project involved three stages: Rewrite the existing data tables in a programming language that's more flexible and efficient. (Completed in 2018) Create the user interface for designing and interacting with relational tables. (Completed »

What's next with GDPR?

On May 23, DevResults hosted a discussion on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In partnership with Sonjara and SurveyCTO, we wanted to bring together our clients, partners, and the international development community to discuss GDPR and its implications for the community as a whole. With just two days to go before the law came into effect, the room was a mixture of stress, excitement, and uncertainty. Our »

GDPR, DevResults, and You

You’ve probably received a dozen emails in the past few weeks from companies letting you know that they’ve updated their privacy policies and terms of service. The impetus for this is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) -- an EU regulation that seeks to protect the privacy of individuals -- which comes into effect on May 25. Why is this important? The new regulation means organizations (private, public, »